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Therapy for Life

Every disease has its own medicine *

The BelACT therapy serves the treatment of arteriosclerosis, a disease that becomes more and more obvious with age. Arteriosclerosis describes a change in the blood vessels that is responsible for a large number of cardiovascular diseases and is therefore one of the main causes of premature death.

One cause is lipid and calcium deposits and increasing inflammatory processes as well as the loss of elasticity of the connective tissue. Arteriosclerosis is characterized by an increasing hardening of the entire vascular wall and the formation of atherosclerotic plaques on the inner walls of the arteries. This can lead to permanently increased blood pressure and, with increasing plaque formation, to a narrowing of the arterial flow path and impairment of the organ blood supply.

The basis of the therapy is a drug, which is produced by a genetic engineering procedure. To produce a similar active ingredient, complex processes and animal components are still necessary today. This medicine is administered intravenously to the human body. In more than 10 years, it has been proven that the combination of drugs and procedures makes it possible to reverse arteriosclerotic changes. Based on this knowledge, the basic principles for the planned drug are defined and documented for approval by the EMA.

We have initiated the production and approval of a drug for the therapy of arteriosclerosis. The members of the board of trustees have taken over the examination of feasibility and realisation and support us in achieving our goal.

* Paracelsus  1493-1541  – (Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim)

Especially used for the treatment of Arteriosclerosis

Optimize the function of the organs in the body

My experience with the therapy

A report on my new life after treatment with BelACT.
My name is Heiner Leinfeld*1, I was born in 1949. In October 1992 I had my first myocardial infarction having been not properly treated in the hospital in Offenburg where I lived at that time so that I had to be transported several hours later by helicopter to the Benedikt Kreutz Rehabilitationszentrum for Cardiovascular Diseases. After several heart catheter examinations the cardiologists decided that I could encounter the so-called „classical“ therapy… continue reading

*1) The name of the patient, birthday and other personal details have been changed due to security reasons