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BelDIA PRE® – Rapid Test

BelDIA PRE® – a simple Screening Test

By measuring intact proinsulin, a highly specific laboratory indicator of ß-cell dysfunction, the test can show the development of type 2 diabetes, even several years before blood sugar levels change.

The rapid test shows within 20 minutes whether the patient has an elevated proinsulin level. The lateral flow test is functionally comparable to a pregnancy test and provides a qualitative result, i. e. it is either “positive” or “negative”. Only approx. 2 drops of capillary blood (50 µL) is used for the procedure, which are extracted from the fingertip, for example, as in blood glucose measurement.

The test is set up in such a way that it can differentiate between increased values (> 15 pmol/L after eating) and normal intact proinsulin values due to illness. If the result is positive, the patient should consult his doctor and have him or her check (e. g. oral glucose tolerance test) whether he or she confirms the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

A laboratory analysis now has to determine exact values of the increased intact proinsulin in the blood. Diabetes mellitus can be treated if it is detected at an early stage and diabetes manifestation can be avoided.