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About PharmACT

Therapy for life!

PharmACT was founded by a group of people to realize the goal of a new therapy. At the same time, PharmACT AG was established in Germany in January 2014 to facilitate the development of the project. PharmACT AG is a team of experts with comprehensive competencies in the fields of medicine, biochemistry and organization.

The management of PharmACT consists of various service providers who bring in entrepreneurial experience and in particular strengths in the area of project development and the market launch of products. The PharmACT project has been launched with a long-term strategy.

The approval of a drug is a complex topic and is supported by an international board of trustees. The board of trustees advises the organs of PharmACT as well as the medical board and promotes contacts to organisations and industry. The Board of Trustees also supports product development in the areas of research & development, quality assurance and approval.

Part of the strategy is to design complementary IVD products, which are then marketed via international distribution channels.