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Arteriosclerosis and Diabetes, a global problem

BelACT – Our contribution against the disease No. 1

Healthcare Region Europe

In the middle of Europe is Switzerland, our base inside of the European health region. Here it is easy in findiing nationally and internationally recognised medical facilities as well as excellent university or non-university research centres. Numerous small and medium-sized companies from the sectors “biotechnology/pharmaceuticals”,”medical technology”,”new forms of care and rehabilitation” and “health promotion/prevention” have their locations in the  region. All in all, these are very good prerequisites for the international success of PharmACT with its high innovation and growth potential.

Developement of BelACT®

PharmACT’s team of experts is working on the development, manufacturing and academic marketing of a new drug which will be effective in the reduction of arteriosclerotic plaques. The results from the area of research and development have now been transferred to the task of approving and conducting clinical trials. Registration ensures that the BelACT® therapy is registered.

PharmACT’s Board of Trustees stands behind the management for supporting of the establishment of local academies and also how to transfer our services into organisations and inside the medical industry.